Big Mikan Productions


Big Mikan is a small group of international business consultants.


We provide business and product planning services, international sales and marketing development, as well as web presence (domains, websites, internet branding) for Japanese companies with foreign customers and foreign companies doing business with Japanese.

What else...?

We also publish high-visibility niche market internet properties like Robots Dreams, Robots_Forever, and others.


Because we can, because we get paid well for doing it, and because it's a whole heck of a lot of fun.


We operate on internet time, 7x24x365.


We're located in Chiba Prefecture, about 35 minutes east of Tokyo


Contact us at Big Mikan to find out more.

Come on, why the "Big Mikan" name?

The mikan is a uniquely Japanese citrus fruit that packs more flavor, taste, and delight into every bite than any other food known to man. New York is the 'Big Apple', so Tokyo, especially the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan Area has to be the 'Big Mikan'.

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